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The Pantheon

During the French Revolution, the Pantheon became the temple of the patriots and underwent profound political and religious changes.

In 1848 it was recognized as one of the Temples of Humanity and in 1853 a National Basilica.

72 great men are buried in its crypt.

Galien Laloue - the Pantheon
« In 450 there was a shepherdess who used to prophesy. At the Acropolis of Attila, she once foretold that the barbarians wouldn’t lay a hand on Paris. The people seeing that her sole weapon was her crook thought they were being betrayed and tried to stone her to death. But her prediction came true and the crook winning over Attila’s hammer, the shepherdess was saved from the stake and proclaimed the patron saint of Paris. Her name was Geneviève. In the mid-18th century Soufflot was asked to build a monument in remembrance of this legend. »
Edgar Quinet

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